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PTE General is a friendly certificate, awarded by Edexcel, recognized by Ofqual, SQA, DfES, CCEA and accepted by ASEP. Here is some general advice on study and preparation for your exam over the school year:

Study at your school or college

Work hard during the year. Attend classes, do homework and follow your teacher’s advice.

Believe you can do it

Be positive and believe you can do well in your exam. If you are negative, you may stop yourself from trying.

Trust yourself, your teacher, your memory and your study programme. If you lose confidence, your study will not be effective.

Motivate yourself

Push yourself to work because effort is the most successful way of making progress.

Slow and steady wins the race

Learning a language and learning language skills is a marathon not a sprint. You cannot make up for a slow                                                                                                                                                               start to the year by working very hard just before the exam.

Be an active learner

Participate actively in classes, group work and pair work. These are opportunities for you to learn and practice language. Always ask a question when you don’t understand, or check something if you are not certain.

Be an organised learner

Organise your learning in the best way. Always know where to find your books and other learning resources when you need them.

Be an independent learner

Read, watch and listen to as much language as possible. Learning does not just happen when you are in class. Often you learn more when you study independently.

Know your learning style

If you don’t know it already, ask your teacher (or your parents) to help you to identify your learning style. Then you can organise your work and learning in a way that most suits you as a person.

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