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Don’t miss any of our Pearson Test of English webinars to learn how our assessment products can help you prepare your students for success in their English language learning.
Motivation and Assessment – Revealing the Iceberg
With David Booth It is commonly thought that assessments provide motivation for students to learn. Showing achievement in language learning, however, is often more difficult than proving you can solve a complex math problem, recall a key historical event, or recite a passage from a play.
This session looks at how motivation, particularly in teenagers, can be fostered through a growth mindset by focusing on achievement rather than failure, and the role language tests such as the Pearson Test of English (PTE) General play in making learning more authentic and useful for learners.
Wednesday 20th March  Register here for the 10am CET session | Register here for the 5pm CET session
Stop teaching to the test and start teaching for success!
With Brian Engquist Preparing your class for an external English proficiency exam often means spending considerable time teaching to the test – studying the exam format, teaching exam strategies and doing practice tests. But beware! Exams (should) test the language skills our students will need in the real world, and our teaching should reflect that.
In this webinar we will use examples from the Pearson Test of English (PTE) General to show you how the types of activities you do in your class on a daily basis can get your students ready to show their level of ability in all the skills.
Thursday 28th March  Register here for the 10am CET session | Register here for the 5pm CET session
Tools for helping learners chart their own course towards English proficiency
With Bill Bonk Wednesday 3rd April It is being increasingly recognised that the amount of time language students need to achieve their target level of proficiency will not be met by classroom instruction time alone.
Nowadays many learners seek additional input and interaction outside of the classroom via various self-access methods that range from the more traditional (studying vocabulary, reading) to the more modern (videos on the internet, interactions through live video or text chat, etc.). In this webinar, we will discuss how teachers can leverage those student-driven activities as well as use tools like the GSE Teacher Toolkit to help students chart their own course towards English proficiency, based on their own needs and current level.
Wednesday 3rd April  Register here for the 10am CET session | Register here for the 5pm CET session
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